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Since 1991 We Have Served Clients In Government and Private Sector as Listed Below:


Government:Government Clients Served:

IBNC through its GSA contract(GS-35F-0406J) provided products and services to various government agencies.


• Department Of Transportation                                                    Department Of Defense

• Department Of Labor-VA                                                           • Army CAA

• National Science Foundation                                                     • Army Fort Polk

• National Institute of Health                                                         • US Department of Agriculture                                                                                                                       • Army Fort Worth TX 

• IRS                                                                                              • Naval Research Lab

• Social Security                                                                            • DSS-W Walter Reed

                                                                                                        Naval Surface Warfare 




IBNC provides our commercial clients across the United States and around the world with services for a wide variety of buildings and technology projects.

• Cable & Wireless

• Booz Allen Hamilton

• Pulsecom

• Primus Telecom



• Capgemini


Contract Experience:

Client: General Service Administration "GSA." 
Program: Schedule 70 132-8, 12, 51
Scope: -WAN/LAN/BAN Communication Services
-Help Desk Services
-Integrated Configuration Management
-External Networks
-Standard Office Automation Software Services
-Web Access and Hosting Services
-User Training -Mobile Voice Messaging
-Network Management Services
-Integration, Interoperability Test Plan
-E-Mail Services and Directory



IBNC offers state-of-the-art and cost-effective design and engineering for 

We start by developing a clear understanding of the intended use of the facilities - carefully address our clients’ needs and requirements with using technologies, such as -------.

The size and scope of our activities enables us to be a global environmental actor and steward. Our -------practice has been a leader in introducing sustainable multi-disciplinary design principles and green -------- initiatives that incorporate --------- and planning in the construction of new facilities . IBNC integrates environmental and engineering solutions with economic analysis, because we believe in developing facilities that are practical, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible.


• 3-D Visualization/Multimedia


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